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Face Highlighter Powder Palette



About this item

  • 【Light up 3D Outline】The sparkling high-gloss mashed potato powder has a three-dimensional contour instantly, with a natural luster, and a light makeup.
  • 【Powder Texture】The soft and waxy mashed potatoes have a powdery texture, which will not show pores when applied to the face, and will not stick to powder.
  • 【Natural Makeup】The soft powder fits the face easily, and it fits naturally and shines with one touch.
  • 【Shine Pearl】Fantastic 4 color highlight powders, apply on the face, you can have a bright luster. Suitable for different skin tones and different scenes, makeup.
  • 【Applicable to All】A pressed powder can be used on the face, arms, collarbone, legs and other body parts. One box is multi-purpose, so that your whole body shines and becomes the focus of the crowd.